Album Review: Bonnie Tyler – “Rocks and Honey”

After many listens to the sixteenth album ‘Rocks And Honey’ from Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, all I could think of after each one was how amazing her voice still is.

The album opens up with to what sounded like a new Foo Fighters track from the guitar playing; “This Is Gonna Hurt”. It gives off great energy and is a solid start to the album. We then get one of my favourites, and what has to be the next single: “Sunshine”. Beautiful strings drive this track along with a great tempo throughout, all while being accompanied by very soothing backing vocals.

“Believe In Me” is the first ballad from the album, and is the song that will represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 . Now, I’m not one for ballads, but there is no denying that this is a fantastic song, with an incredible vocal performance from Tyler.

Tyler has stated that the album is titled in reference to the contrast between her and duet partner, Vince Gill; her voice sounding like rocks and his like honey. “What You Need From Me” is where you can judge this for yourself. However, I actually consider this to be one of the weakest tracks on the album. Tyler’s voice comes across pretty rough and beaten, and I found both her and Vince Gill’s voices didn’t go all that well together on this particular song.

Tyler gives the listener a little bit more of a rocked up version of Carrie Underwood’s country-rock track “Flat On The Floor” in the second half of the album. “Stubborn” Is another excellent track that for some reason to me, musically had a very ‘Jimmy Eat World’ vibe (Bonnie Tyler and Jimmy Eat World collaboration, anyone?). “You Try” is the album closer that contains a powerful chorus with, once again, superb backing vocals.

You may not find your “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” or “It’s A Heartache” here, but Rocks And Honey is a very solid album. It’s a mixture of rock and ballad songs that float along nicely throughout, with great musicianship and very nice production courtesy of David Huff. And to deliver such a powerful and emotional sounding voice at 61 years of age, Bonnie Tyler proves that she is still one of the greatest vocalists out there.


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